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unctory explanation) is upon you. The Kabuki like regularity with which the show adhere to its chosen formula adds further weight to the pack; the only reason to keep watching is to try michael michael kors mirror metallic jet set continental wallet and spot the exact moment when each episode collapses like a bad face lift. and Chain is no different in this regard, an ostensibly interesting idea ruined by piss poor execution. An old man turns up dead on a dinghy in the Haven harbor, followed quickly by a second on a nearby tennis court. As we soon learn, both men were actually in their thirties, thus sending Agent Parker (Emily Rose) and Detective Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) off on another hunt for the cause. Thankfully, the cause walks right past them as they discussing the first body complete with an adorable baby for Wuornos to coo over shooting any sense of enigma in michael kors hamilton studded the head and leaving the conclusion foregone in the extreme. With the michael kors bedford satchel orange basics already hobbled, director Tim Southam deals the episode a fatal blow by thoroughly mucking up the only other question worth asking: how did a hale young man age and die so quickly? The answer is exceedingly boring; more importantly, it confusing. We think we know why by the end, but the explanations smack uncomfortably of deux ex machina, and Southam can deliver them with any sense of intensity or excitement. Instead, the episode turns to the exceedingly tired option of placing a regular in peril. In this case, it Duke (Eric Balfour), who falls victim to the same aging disease after bedding a tags: michael kors purses michael kors bags cheap michael kors outlet online cheap