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people. Set Up a Smart michael kors totes Campsite to Deter BearsWhen setting up camp, place shelters several hundred feet away from the cooking area, so that a bear will be less likely to come into a tent at night, and to isolate the shelters away from where most of the food smells will be. Bear bags or bear canisters can be several hundred feet away in the opposite direction. A common image is of a triangle, with shelters, the camp area, and food in three different directions. Check Ahead for Bear Danger Before HikingBefore traveling to an area, check with the local land manager for current bear activity, michael michael kors handbag, hamilton quilted large tote and any advice they may have on bear behavior for their area. For instance, Yellowstone National Park has detailed information for visitors on bears in the park, and precautions. Ask if they have facilities for hanging bear bags, such as poles or cables, or boxes to store food. Double check at the trailhead kiosk for updated information. Not properly storing food and smellables can mean that a bear could become a problem bear, which means it could get into other camper's food. Eventually the bear could be put down because of its threat to people. Campers who do not properly secure their food could receive fines from land managers. By taking michael kors gansevoort signature tote vanilla dark brown some simple steps, hikers and campers can help protect a valuable and special part of the environment. Here are a few basic facts. Book review: Why Capitalism? by Professor Allan H Meltzer Many would say capitalism has caused the worldwide tags: michael kors hamilton sale michael kors bags cheap michael kors