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st and health improvement consultant, I have michael kors bedford satchel met and tried to help a few men suffering from prostate cancer before surgery and after surgery. Before michael kors jet set python wristlet surgery the simple act of peeing become a nightmare of crying out in excruciating michael kors uptown astor large shoulder tote black pain. After surgery, I am told is a strange eerie empty feeling of being worthless. Not to mentioned the the dazed out stupor from the after effects of the drugs. The continued follow up Chem o and radiation treatments to stabilize the body and prevent it from rejection and accepting the fact that the prostate is gone, missing and not coming back. The body is thrown into an cataclysmic state of confusion trying to figure out what happen to that part of its endocrine system, which has left it in a constant macabre zombie like stupor. The regular use of Walnuts in your diet will prevent a cancerous prostate gland. Sometimes use fresh banana to accentuate the taste and make this mix more delicious. Suffering Is For The CarelessThe known suffering from prostate cancer is sufficient enough to encourage me to do everything possible to avoid going down that road. I want to grow old gracefully with my prostate intact. As I close, here's two tips on how to prevent prostate cancer. 1. Select foods with healing properties. A good rule of thumb and an old adage; "Life Begets Life" eat living foods with life yet inside. EAT RAW FOOD as much as possible it will prevent prostate cancer. 2. Avoid dead processed, over cooked foods void of all living properties an tags: michael kors outlet store cheap michael kors bags outlet mk