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labeled with the number 2 is often recycled into toys, piping, plastic lumber and michael michael kors bedford extra large bowling satchel black rope. Like plastic designated number 1, it is widely accepted at recycling centers. Plastics Less Commonly Recycled Polyvinyl chloride, commonly used in plastic pipes, michael kors black berkley clutch shower curtains, medical tubing, vinyl dashboards, and even some baby bottle nipples, gets number 3. Like numbers 4 (wrapping films, grocery and sandwich bags, and other containers made of low density polyethylene) and 5 (polypropylene containers used in Tupperware, among other products), few municipal recycling centers will accept it due to its very low rate of recyclability. Another Useful Plastic to Recycle Number 6 goes on polystyrene (Styrofoam) items such as coffee cups, disposable cutlery, meat trays, packing and insulation. It is widely accepted because it can be reprocessed into many items, including cassette tapes and rigid foam insulation. Last, but far from least, are items crafted from various combinations of the aforementioned plastics or from unique plastic formulations not commonly used. Usually imprinted with a number 7 or nothing at all, these plastics are the most difficult to recycle and, as such, are seldom collected or recycled. Selected EarthTalk columns are reprinted on About Environmental Issues by permission of the editors of E.?How to Recycle Dog Food michael kors jet set large wristlet Bags Place the squares with the labels facing and pin the sides and bottom edge. Sew the layers together using a quarter inch seam allow tags: michael kors bags cheap michael kors outlet louis vuitton official website outlet