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e countertop. Video: . WARNING: Use of video content is at own risk. Karate michael michael kors jet set travel medium travel tote dark khaki chopping wood with bare hands can damage bones or cause bruising. If the plastic bag or plastic wrap does not make an air tight seal with the surface of the counter, the stick may fly out in a random direction with dangerous velocity. Plastic shopping bags are on the verge of extinction with states threatening plastic bag bans. California has already approved a ban, taking effect in 2012, and other states are proposing the same ban, including Oregon. Which is all the more reason to recycle those plastic bags, and if you can do that, you michael kors large jet set tote can michael kors hamilton bag black logo lock at least make great use of them for yourself like with this homemade checkbook holder. It may not be the prettiest holder ever made, but it sure gets the job done. And it simple to make, and looks like a large business sized envelope. Check out the items needed below.?How to Recycle and Reuse Paper and Plastic Bags Recycling is great for the environment, and almost anything can be recycled in some way or another. Everywhere you look advertisements are promoting you to go green, and contribute to your society by recycling. Paper and plastic bags are things we use every day, but we take for granted that to keep manufacturing these bags aren't great for the environment. Listed below are a few ways to get more uses out of your unwanted bags before completely discarding them. Paper bags can be used for a number of different things, the possibilities reall tags: michael kors handbags mk wallets mk bags