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creative use by fashioning them into a sturdy tote. Step 1: Collect plastics bags Collect at least michael kors bedford bag 30 clean plastic bags, and cut off the handles and bottom seams from each one. TIP: Do not use biodegradable bags that will shred over time. Step 2: Layer rectangles Layer six to eight of the new rectangles on top of each other on your ironing surface, cover the plastic with the parchment paper, and iron them with a hot iron for about 15. Craft projects are a great way to recycle household items and clothes. Learn how to make three recycled crafts, a beach michael kors bedford large bowling satchel bag, a puzzle and a hat, in this free arts video series.?How to Recycle a plastic grocery bag into a checkbook holder using an iron Plastic shopping bags are on the verge of extinction with states threatening plastic bag bans. California has already approved a ban, taking effect in 2012, and other states are proposing the same ban, including Oregon. Which is all the more reason to recycle those plastic bags, and if you can't do that, you can at least make great use of them for yourself like with this homemade checkbook holder. It may not be the prettiest holder ever made, but it sure gets the job done. And it's simple to make, and looks like a large business sized envelope. Check out michael kors small hamilton the items needed below. Scrap of paper Scissors Pinking shears Iron Ironing board Plastic grocery bag 2 sheets of ironing paper Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Create a hand b tags: michael kors bags sale michael kors bags michael kors sale