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nside the RV is that it will add to the overall weight of the vehicle, and thus make it harder to be swept off by water or wind. Keep handy items such as michael kors bedford large satchel tarps, ropes, sleeping bags, flashlights and extra batteries, candles and extra lighters, disposable garbage bags, NOAA Weather Radio, and a toolkit ready at all times. 3 Protect the Insides of the RV from Leakage You can count on the fact that water will find its way into the vehicle through tiny openings michael kors red hamilton large tote and leak all over the place. That's why, you must keep your mattress michael michael kors small bedford saffiano dressy tote as waterproof as possible by covering it with a tarp or waterproof cover. Try to seal these leaks wherever possible and save yourself any further trouble. Keep as many pieces of sponge as possible, as these will come in handy, to keep the RV relatively dry from the inside. 4 Secure Documents from Moisture Ensure that all important documents such as insurance and vehicle registration papers, among others are sealed in waterproof containers or bags. Also, make sure you have access to these papers, so you do not risk losing them or forget where you kept them. Always keep backups of these documents and make multiple hard and soft copies of each document. In case your RV is damaged in any way during the storm, the vehicle's insurance policy ought to cover the damages to an extent. 6 Use Hurricane Tracking Maps You can take the help of hurricane tracking maps and applications as well as keep actual maps close by, so as to steer tags: cheap michael kors handbags christian louboutin outlet store michael kors bags outlet