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I'd check with the airline you're using to see what their policy is on a cooler with dry ice. (Or call Southwest Airlines, which has a call center here in Albuquerque; I'd think they would have dealt with this question before!) Let me know what you decide to do; I'd be curious for future inquirers. This covers Albuquerque. (There is also a link on that article over to another one I wrote on Balloon Fiesta). In Santa Fe, Tomasita's is good, I also like the Shed, just off the Plaza, and Tecolote, on Cerrillos Road.?How to Prepare Your RV for a Hurricane Useful TipYou can board up the windows of your RV with plywood so as to prevent it from blowing out or shattering during a hurricane. Nature's fury has a knack of catching you off guard; hurricanes are no exceptions. cheap michael kors belts Hurricanes pack enough punch to destroy everything in their wake michael kors large stud quilt ns tote and in those times, it is best to be prepared for an immediate evacuation. Your RV can become your best friend and your ticket to safety, if you make the effort to take certain safety measures for both, yourself and your vehicle. When faced with a possible hurricane, your recreational vehicle can help transport you, your loved ones, and your home to a safer place. Category I and II hurricanes are unpredictable to a large extent and must not be treated lightly. It is also unadvised to stay in the RV and weather the storm, in case the meteorologist source warns that the michael kors outlet bennet shoulder bag impending hurricane is expected to reach category III or above. This tags: michael kors purses cheap mk outlet michael kors handbag sale