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bout a 6 hour flight home. Do you have any recommendations of where to buy my chili peppers? I think some places sell them frozen but not sure if they pack them for travel or michael michael kors python clutch online kors medium shoulder tote how expensive that would be. I would buy fresh but not sure how much work it would be to roast them or how they would travel. Any suggestions. Also, any restaurant suggestions? We were thinking of going to the sunday buffet at guarduno's. Hopefully it's the items off the menu (chili rellanos, burritos, etc). We plan on michael kors black studded bag going to Tomasitos and SF School of Cooking while we are in Santa Fe. Any Albuquerque restaurant suggestions. Hola Cindy, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit enough to return to our beautiful state! And of course the first weekend of October means not only green chile but Balloon Fiesta, so you'll have a great time! Chile is definitely addictive! Transporting chile can be tricky. The best (and easiest) way is to take fresh chile, but then you do have to roast them when you get home, as you pointed out. (Roasting is not difficult with a gas grill, but it can be time consuming.) Buying it fresh and already roasted, you can transport it in heavy freezer bags (I'd double bag each sack). But you'd have to get them put into the freezer very quickly once you get home. (Or maybe even forgo the ice and just pack it in the cooler; those tubs are rather deeply frozen solid). Every grocery store in town has tubs of frozen green chile, as well as containers of red chile puree and sauce. I guess tags: michael kors outlet michael kors outlet handbags michael kors bags on sale