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Let us generalize the equation in such a way that variants of the equation will converge, even if the original does not. The In August 9, 2000 Sizemore filed a patent for a backpack replicatingthe security bag. This mk golden michael kors tote hamilton signature satchel small backpack is the focus of the story. It's a personal security backpack emits audio alarm signals to catch attention. The two shoulder straps backpack has a spacious compartment to kids' books and supplies. The alarm system remains obscured under an access flap. Two siren signal producers are located within the backpack immediate openings. They produce a loud noticeable noise with the unmuffled sirens. A panic switch is built up michael kors jet set tote medium pic on the backpack's shoulder strap to provide easy access for activating the sirens. An adjustable anti theft strap fastens across the chest, from one shoulder strap to the other, preventing the personal security backpack from easily being taken from the child. Sizemore redesigned the concept in 2004 after watching the security videotape of Carlie Brucia being abducted and then learning of her death on national television. Although school's started and school supplies brought, if you have a security concern for your children, this is a good investment. In 2005 father of Carlie Brucia, the 11 year old girl who was snatched at the rear a car wash in Sarasota, FL supported the backpack. During the same year, the backpack was demonstrated on the Montel Williams Show. More recently the backpack has been demonstrated on several news channels tags: cheap michael kors wallets michael kors outlet online cheap official louis vuitton website