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your yard, and the number of trees in the vicinity. Then just grab a rake, a pair of work gloves, and follow these easy tips to make your fall clean up quick, efficient, and fun. Follow these easy steps to learn how to rake leaves the right way. A successful day of raking largely depends on the weather and ground conditions outdoors. When it's time to rake, make sure you choose to do so on a day that is not too windy otherwise you will expend extra energy to do minimal work. Also make sure the leaves and the ground are mostly dry (so that the leaves "crunch" instead of "squish") this will not michael kors tote sloan navy only make it easier to gather leaves, but will also ensure that you won't tear michael kors hamilton satchel blue gold up the grass with your rake. Dry leaves are also much harder to slip on! Safety first. 1. Warm up your body indoors, you're in for a vigorous workout! Be sure to stretch your muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms especially to prevent soreness later. 2. Lay out your tarp (or drop cloth) next to the area you intend to rake, making sure edges are as flat as possible. 3. Put michael kors grayson satchel rose gold on your work gloves, and grab hold of your rake, positioning your hands on the rake as far apart as you can without having to bend your back. You should always keep your back posture as straight as possible. 4. Begin raking the leaves, making sure to work with the wind. You should keep your feet moving as you rake, so as to not lock your feet in one position and swivel your waste too much this could lead to back strain. tags: michael kors outlet 2014 christian louboutin outlet store michael kors handbags outlet