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t continued to look filthy despite residents religiously segregating waste and waiting for ththis materials provides the handbag with a richer look.Pay Attention to the DetailsCheck the quality of the leather. Feel and smell the bag to determine if it smells like genuine leather. An authentic bag should have a soft feel and smell of genuine leather. A fake bag could smell of plastic and michael kors card case other materials and may michael kors catalog spring 2012 feel like leather, but not quite. A knockoff bag will feel harder than soft authentic leather.Inspect the dust bags or other side items. The dust bags are usually purple and have a "Made in Italy" tag on genuine bags. The fake dust bags usually say "Made in China" and are white, images for michael kors gia satchel brown, or tan. Often times the handles are wrapped in plastic if the bag is a knockoff. Authentic Jimmy Choo bags do not come with the handles wrapped in anything.Examine the screws if the bag comes with any. Look at the shape of the screws. Authentic Jimmy Choo bags with have screws with a flat head on the strap closure. The fake bags usually have a Phillips head screws.Jo BilsonRules for Dressing This SeasonIt time to freshen up your spring and summer wardrobe by following some of the new and easy styling tips of the season.Fake Designer Bags from ThailandOn arrival in Thailand, one of the first items on any tourist shopping list is likely to be a replica purse or designer handbag.Gill HartLarry Rosen on Fashion School, Designer TrendsSuite101 interview with Larry Rosen draws to a conclusion w tags: michael kors handbags cheap michael kors online outlet michael kors outlet store