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can be stored long in the freezer. You can prepare them Sunday and eat them on Friday and they would only taste better. Do not forget to tack a copy of your daily meal plan in you refrigerator or bulletin board. This michael kors jet set chain medium will serve as your guide throughout the week. Shop for ingredients. If you are going to prepare meals in advance, be sure to get the freshest produce possible. It is not good to use vegetables or meat near its spoilage in preparing meals that you will store and eat at a later date. Do not forget to include Ziplock bags or plastic containers in your shopping list. Cook, cook, and cook. Set aside a day for cooking. If you are cheap michael kors belts preparing meals for weekdays, Sunday afternoon, is the best time to cook it. In that way, in case you forgot an ingredient, or need to buy additional plastic containers to hold the food, you can do so easily. In addition, cooking your meal in one sitting saves you time. Have you ever noticed that once you're in the "zone" you do things faster, better, and more efficiently? The same goes with cooking. Setting aside time to cook your meals in advance gets you in that "zone" and before you know it, you have pre cooked meals stocked in your refrigerator for the rest of the week. Here are some food items that you can prepare and cook and use before hand. Rice. Cooked rice last 2 3 days if stored in the freezer and a day in the refrigerator. You can use rice to make quick vegetable fried rice during the week. Just add scrambled mk sloan tote egg tags: cheap michael kors sale michael kors outlet cheap christian louboutin outlet online