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By laying the bags out first, you can more easily get an even spread of your rocks. Lay your bags on the fabric, The area of coverage for the size bag you are using should be printed on the bag. Step 4 Spread the rocks as evenly as possible Spread out the rocks as evenly as possible use a rake if needed. Make sure you cover all of the fabric, otherwise it will deteriorate more quickly in direct sunlight. If done properly you will not have to do much work to the area for many years. Weather and climate will cause varied results. If you are hauling your rocks in a vehicle with a nice interior, then cover it with michael kors bedford bowling satchel plastic or an old shower curtain, The bags always seem to leek water or colored dye.?How to Rake Leaves Leaf raking is a lawn tidying chore that keeps your grass healthy, and has the added benefit michael kors jet set item luggage of giving you a great workout. A well raked autumn lawn will be healthier all year round by preventing fungal problems on your lawn later in the season, and leaving the soil line clear of clogging debris that keeps nutrients and water from reaching the roots of michael kors jet set tote small your grass. Winter leaves also deprive your lawn of what little winter sunlight it can get, and can even makes soggy lawns a slip and fall hazard. These easy steps will guide you on the best ways to rake, how to dispose of the leaves easily, and how to make sure your lawn is ready for winter. When you first set out to start raking, plan to set aside a couple hours for the job, depending on the size of tags: cheap michael kors bags on sale cheap michael kors mk bags