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al Chanel purse.Tags will never accompany the outside of the bag. Instead, there is an authenticity card in the inside that provides information about the purse. If your purse has a tag, it is not real.Examine the authenticity card to make sure it is real since fake bags can come with a replica card. These cards typically have black and gold lettering and is never laminated. If the card is laminated or is any other color, it is not real. This card usually provides more information about michael michael kors exclusive large gansevoort large north south tote hemp/vanilla the handbag and where it was made to confirm its authenticity.Look to see if there are additional attachments michael kors black studded purse such as a wallet. Real Chanel purses will not come with an additional wallet or coin purse. These items are generally purchased separately. If your purse has black black chelsea michael kors bag with chain these accessories, most likely they are replicas and so is the purse.Check that the information on the authenticity card matches the hologram sticker that appears on the bag. If the information differs on these items, the handbag is not real.Be Wary of Wherorganised and self sufficient, particularly when travelling. He said the Collingwood touring party of about 60 players, coaches and staff usually received a printed itinerary on interstate trips. It was supplemented by group text message reminders. "Normally we send them a text that says 'check in by such and such a time', and then I'll hand them an itinerary that outlines 'dinner here, stretch here, walk here, team meeting here'," Bownds said. "The players are usually tags: louis vuitton official website red bottoms shoes red bottom shoes for women