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ve the leather folded over and sewn together, creating a double layer of leather where it joins the hardware.The hardware at the end of Balenciaga straps should be rounded or curved, not michael kors gia large slouchy tote plum squared. There is also a small eye bolt that connects the hardware at the end of the straps together. The tip of the eye bolt should michael michael kors white jet set monogram mirror metallic continental wallet have a flat head and be pushed up through the corkscrew shaped hardware.The lacing (or rope) used in the handles should be raw in appearance. There should be no finishing or protective coating. Any form of protective coating indicates a fake handbag.Authenticating the Mirrors in Balenciaga BagsThe mirror included with a Balenciaga bag should not be in bubble wrap. Balenciaga never places their handles or mirrors in any kind of protective wraps. The mirror itself should be hard with no possibility of bending.Authenticating External Pockets on Balenciaga HandbagsIf a Balenciaga bag has an external pocket, the pocket will have a flap of leather that matches the handbag color on the inside of the pocket. When the pocket is unzipped michael kors jet set cross body zinnia this flap of leather will be visible. The lining should not be visible until the pocket is spread open.Other Steps When Authenticating Balenciaga PursesApart from the actual materials and hardware, there are several other steps to take when attempting to authenticate a Balenciaga handbag.Always ask the seller questions to determine why they are selling a Balenciaga bag. For example, asking where the bag was purchased, why it is being sold tags: michael kors handbags outlet online mk cheap michael kors handbags