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r scam. Most of the time, recent movies haven't yet gone to DVD. Also look for UPC symbols that may have coloring as another sign of a fake.?How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Handbag The quality of leather and high level of craftsmanship in a Balenciaga handbag is difficult for fraudulent purse makers tote michael kors gold to duplicate, but many still try. Most auction sites have a hefty number of fake designer bags. Fortunately, there are a few key parts to every designer handbag that allow for relatively quick authentication.There are many steps used to authenticate a genuine Balenciaga bag. Key areas include materials, hardware, tags, straps, and zippers. Many fakes will satisfy several of mk jet set signature tote these areas, but there will always be a telltale sign of forgery.For help authenticating Balenciaga hardware and zippers, check out How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Handbag Tags and Hardware.Authenticating Leather on michael kors ipad case a Balenciaga HandbagBalenciaga handbags are made from the finest Italian leather. This leather is very thin and buttery soft. Because of this, Balenciaga purses do not sit upright when empty. Even a full bag will collapse just a little. A fake bag may have stiffness or cracking in the leather.The leather tassels on a Balenciaga bag are soft and hang very loosely. Many fake bags have very stiff tassels.Authenticating Straps and Handles on a Balenciaga PurseThe strap on a authentic Balenciaga purse should be one solid piece with small openings at the ends for the attaching hardware. Most fake bags ha tags: mk outlet louis vuitton official website outlet michael kors outlet store