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m if you try. I am not affiliated with Coach and I do michael kors jet set travel tote not claim to be a Coach expert. I only want to keep people from michael kors jet set wallet nickel the embaressment of buying a fake bag on the internet for hundreds of dollars and parading around with it thinking it is real. How embarassing!?How to Spot a Designer Knockoff Shoppers on the streets of New York have long enjoyed buying knockoff bags, clothing, watches and DVDs. They know what they're getting and they're happy to pay just a few bucks for a fake. Nowadays though the list of counterfeit products runs longer, and includes less obvious phony items such as perfumes and colognes. As the copies have gotten better and better, spotting a fake has become a science. It's even more difficult to tell what's real when shopping online, and buyers are being fooled. economy of $200 billion to $250 billion annually. It's a popular scam, "more profitable than narcotics," according to trademark attorney Harley Iewin. ABC News bought several supposed designer bags online. One such item was a reported Chanel bag for $650 a steal at less than half the usual retail price. Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos, who own vintage designer shops in Los Angeles, inspected the bags and explained how they could tell the purse wasn't authentic. "Notice how the diamond stitching does not line up. On a real Chanel bag it would match up." Next Silver and Garkinos surveyed a supposed michael kors jet set medium Birkin bag that ABC News bought online for $1,400 the real version wo tags: cheap michael kors handbags michael kors bags sale cheap michael kors outlet