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Cook foods to the proper INTERNAL temperature. Invest in a good digital thermometer; it is far cheaper than an ER visit! There are a million web sites with lists of the proper temps to cook foods to prevent illness; the most important one to learn is that poultry of all kinds must be at least 165 degrees in the deepest part of the muscle you can reach without touching bone; stuffing michael kors santorini pink must be at least 175 degrees inside a cooked bird. Personally, I never stuff poultry with anything michael michael kors jet set chain item ns navy that will be eaten later. These temperature recommendations are new as of May, 2006. While the 165 mark will ensure safety, poultry can be cooked up to 170 for white meat, or to 180 for thigh and leg meat, to eliminate any traces of pinkness or rubbery texture which most people find unpleasant. The recommendation for ground poultry meat was always 165, so that hasn't changed. The new lower "done" temperature does mean poultry is less likely to be dried out; keep in mind that all foods continue to cook even after removal from heat, so it is safe to stop cooking at 165 on the thermometer, retain the juices and still have poultry that both looks and tastes great! Simply let it rest, covered in foil, for 10 minutes after removing from heat. Once foods are cooked, serve immediately or hold them either hot or cold. Cold means less than 40 degrees; before chilling, allow michael kors straw bag foods to cool to room temp. Hot means over 140 degrees. Serve foods only at the proper temperatures. Room temperature is the favorite tags: cheap michael kors bags cheap michael kors bags cheap michael kors purses