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erty steward, Wayne "Disco" Connor, to ensure the Magpies have golden michael kors tote everything they need when they travel interstate to play football. Disco estimates the club's cargo not including personal luggage weighs more than 800kg: roughly the equivalent of a Brahman bull or a VW Beetle. "We load a 1 1/2 tonne van and we fill the best part of that. Not quite chock a block there might be a little bit of room up the top near the roof," Disco said. Disco and his assistant, long serving volunteer Craig McGrath, meticulously number each bag and log its contents in case something goes amiss. "If we get to the other end and a bag's missing, you know exactly what's in it," Disco said. "That way, in the worst case hemp grab bag michael kors scenario, you can get someone to bring a replacement with them if they're flying in on game day." Usually six or seven cases are packed with laptops for the coaches and club statisticians, while about double that number are bags of equipment for use by the trainers and medical staff. Most of these are prepared by head trainer Rohan Bownds, who has worked with the Magpies for 25 years, the past 12 of them full time. Bownds said that on two separate michael kors shoulder bag black trips to Sydney, a Collingwood doctor's bag had gone missing. Otherwise there had been relatively few hassles with luggage, particularly since Virgin took over as the AFL's preferred carrier. "We've also had instances, going back a few years now, where players' bags went missing and we had to go out and buy them boo tags: christian louboutin outlet store red bottoms shoes michael kors outlet online cheap