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same thing for the top. Once your lines are all in you're just going to continue unbasting till you get to the bottom, trim any access thread as well, and there you have a zipper.?How to Sew Military Duffle Bags for the Government Select the unit you are constructing the duffle or tactical bag for. This will help you narrow down your fabric type and content as well as trim selections. Military units usually have embroidered logos. It is also important to know the stitch count. If your present factory does not have embroidery industrial machines available on site, you will have to send the cut fabric parts out for embroidering, which will impact your cost. This information is very important in order to cost your duffle bags. You will have to develop a pricing structure and sample presentation in order to bid for the government contract. Draft the duffle bag paper pattern. Develop a technical production package which will contain black and white sketches detailing orange michael kors bag the duffle bag as well as specifications such as length, width and height. Include in your sketch any special trims such as embroidered logos, nametapes, grommets and drawstrings. Enlarge sketches that have specific measurements for logo and military insignia placement. As a manufacturer and subcontractor, you will have to be able to produce all of the michael korsoutlet gansevoort hempvanilla items in michael kors berkley clutch in black a uniform manner. This also includes thread type and color. Register your business as a federal contractor. On the federal level prior to bidding o tags: michael kors cheap cheap michael kors outlet michael kors purse sale