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5 inch allowance of seam. It will be unnecessary to line your bag if you use a serger. Work on the bottom. Match the bag's side seam and bottom fold. Hold it to michael michael kors large fulton satchel black form a triangle. Sew along the .5 seam allowance. Perform procedure with both of the bottom corners. Create pleats. Turn it with its right side going out. Put double pleats measuring 1 inch on each side with each seam. Hand stitch these pleats to your bag's top edge. Work on your fabric strips. Sew the strips' edges with their right sides together. Use .5 inch allowance for seam to enable you to make a circle. Press it open. You should also press under the newly sewn circle's edges by .25 inch. After, sew along the folded edges. Develop the circle of fabric. Fold your sewn circle in the middle. The folded edges should be on the inside. These folded edges will be attached to the pouch's top portion or body. Work on the band. Put the band on michael kors orange top of the pouch's raw edge. Match the band's seam to your pouch's back seam. The band's fold should be immediately placed over your pouch's raw edge. Half of your band should be inside the pouch while the other half should be outside. Use pins to secure. Begin sewing the band around the pouch's top edge. You must see to it that the band's two halves are included in your stitching. When finished, remove all the pins. Work on your squared fabric. Get the 9 x 9 fabrics that you cut earlier. Put them together and make sure michael michael kors large fulton python-embossed satchel that their right sides face each other. This tags: michael kors outlet online store michael kors factory outlet store michael kors handbags cheap