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mysterious brunette. Balfour brings a nice sense of humor to the proceedings, augmenting the easy chemistry between Rose and Bryant which constitutes the series lone saving grace. He also manages to save the otherwise poor make up effects with some solid michael kors jet set chain ring medium pale gold physical acting. But even with his yeoman efforts, the tactic serves more as a distraction than a pivotal part of the plot. As for the brunette, she draining the life energy out of the men she bags, but how and why become incomprehensible muddles. Even worse, Parker figures it all out way too easily, using a few baffling clues to conjure a theory out of whole cloth and hitting upon a solution to Duke dilemma with only the barest hints of logic. The episode basically pulls a resolution out of its ass, whitewashes it with some hand waving, and presents it to us as a finished product. Its shoddiness would be excusable if it occurred maybe once black black chelsea michael kors bag with chain or twice, but Haven does this every week without fail. And once they've established that when the baby michael kors large python dark sand is born, the father dies, leaving both Duke and baby Jean alive at the end of the episode is silly. They should have had to kill the baby to save Duke. But that would be too dark. There isn't really anything wrong with the concept of this show. Local law enforcement and FBI chick work together to investigate local supernatural incidents. It should work, particurlarly since the actors playing Parker and Wuornos are likeable and have a certain amount of chemistry. What kills it tags: cheap michael kors cheap michael kors outlet michael kors factory outlet