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ds, tie on the rain flap, set up sleeping bags and more. Part 1 of 15 How to Put up a tent. In order to set up a tent, for a camping trip, you need to lay out all of the parts of the tent. Place the poles at the end of the tent. Work on opposite sides. Inserting the pole on both sides. It may be easier with two people. Once you insert the pole, then michael kors studded hamilton tote you need to snap it, fastening all the snaps. After you have completed this step, lay the fly over the tent. Snap it in place, in all four corners. Make sure that sides are below the mesh. Now, you can stake the tent. Staking the tent adds extra wind resistance. The fly will also protect you from rain. In series of video clips you'll learn how to set up a tent. Expert Brian Rajchel takes you through the entire process step by step, from choosing, clearing and preparing a campsite, assembling the support rods, to pitching or raising the d debris that accumulated over the winter. For the rest of michael kors hamilton tote rose gold hardware the summer, I just used that same bleach (I think it was around a cup full) every few days and vacuumed once michael kors handbag ostrich a week. I increased the chlorine a few times during some really, really hot spells because it dissipates quicker then. Never had a problem with it. The key is scooping the leaves out and vacuuming religiously. It really is.?Be clean when using your reusable shopping bag Subscribe so you don't miss the next article. As we previously reported in our article "Boomers get your reusable bags", the city of Long Beach pas tags: michael kors outlet store online michael kors outlet red bottom shoes