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ems clean, in mint condition, organized and easily accessible. Here are a few clothing storage ideas for you: Socks. Purchase a plastic divider tray. Find one that can fit into your sock drawer. Roll and place the socks into each cube space. Arrange them according to color or size, separate the thick ones from the regular socks. This will make michael kors bedford large bowling satchel it easy to grab the pair michael michael kors jet set chain medium shoulder you need for the day. Shoes. Use cloth shoe bags to store your shoes in and place them in transparent plastic shoe boxes. This will protect them from dust, and any temperature changes in the closet will not michael kors golden white watch hurt the ones with leather materials. Also, it's good to place little packets of silica gel with shoes while in storage to prevent moisture. Undergarments. Get a large divider storage system for lingerie and daily underwear. Avoid fuss and clutter by keeping panties, bras, briefs, and undershirts sorted in definite sections. Sweaters. Avoid putting them up in hangers, even though you cover them up in plastic. To avoid stretching or misshaping, store your sweaters in clear and shallow plastic bins. Or, you can fold them neatly and place them in thick plastic bags. Jackets. For large and bulky winter clothes, use plastic storage bags that can be vacuumed or deflated. Vacuum storage bags will protect your winter gear from moisture, mildew and moths. Vacuum storage bags, compression bags or airtight bags are now commercially available. Hats and Scarves. Get hat boxes for storing hats, purses tags: michael kors factory outlet store cheap michael kors purses mk purses