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or even sell fake goods and when it comes to buying bags online in India, you have to be extra cautious about things. Thats exactly why we came up with some tips that make your accessory shopping online a better experience than what some of the people went through. 1. Beware of the counterfeit The first and foremost thing is to ensure michael michael kors charm tassel convertible shoulder bag that whatever you are purchasing is the genuine thing. So how would you do that sitting miles away from the original product? In most cases, we will suggest that you stick with the popular brands and trustable sellers. Purchase with someone who has some name in the market and always delivers quality good. Apart from that, a little research on backpacks for women will help you differentiate between original and counterfeited material. 2. Verify payment method Whats the biggest mistake people make while purchasing backpacks for men online? Its their negligence over the payment method and gateway. One has to ensure that seller is asking michael kors hamilton black crocodile-embossed tote for the right details and that through trustable, third party channels. And if you are purchasing from individual seller then always pay through bank transfer or PayPal. This way you can claim the money back if the item is michael kors jet set medium tote not delivered, damaged or has some other problem. Credit card is also one of the better ways of paying as you will have the item description on statement. 3. Check the feedback Today, it is all about the genuine reviews and how people take a certain product or website. Your job i tags: cheap michael kors bags online michael kors outlet cheap michael kors purses