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ry store where i often shop, offered 25 cents back each time i used one of their re usable bags that could be purchased for about $4. i bought 2 bags initially. then realized i was getting 50 cents back every week (i only shop once a week) which meant the bags were paying for themselves every 8 weeks. so i added some more bags. i now have 7 of these bags which i have been using once a week for over a decade. the store dropped their return from 25 cents pink michael kors iphone wristlet for iphone 4s to 10 cents and now to 3 cents each for using them, but the bags had paid for themselves long ago. i keep them in a cupboard near the fridge. i keep a grocery list on the fridge. when i get the grocery list, i automatically reach for the bags too. most of the people at the store know how i shop and that i bring my michael michael kors mirror metallic jet set continental wallet own bags. i dont think many people bring their own bags anymore, but for me trying to be aware of the earth and how we leave it is important. my mom recycled in the 60 she also grew a garden every summer. i think this made an impact on me. your son is the kind of steward our planet needs imo. michael kors berkley clutch black good on him and good on you for being able to change your patterns in our world. cool. Great article Jan! You got my 10. I've been recycling, reusing, and re purposing my entire adult life. which is a long time though I won't be telling you my age EVER. I've been using canvas bags when I shop since forever too. I keep them in my car so I always have them with me when I need them. I can compost or feed our worms with ou tags: michael kors purses outlet michael kors handbags outlet online michael kors outlet online cheap