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rew, then just have your on the go cup, and save $0.35 per cup. Big Box Stores and Single Serving CoffeeWhat about CostCo, Sam's, BJ's, Meijer, etc? They all sell 5 pound bags that typically retail for about $9/pound, and the bags do have the same offer. But, the problem is, that you only get one free cup for that 5 bag. So, you're ACTUALLY paying more for the same coffee when you buy it in larger quantities. ($1 per pound more, and only 1 free, instead of 5 free cups.) Another reason I quit buying it at the warehouses is that they only carry French Roast, and who doesn't hate the French? In case your wondering, I did an average cup of coffee cost with one of the single shot home brewers. I didn't include the cost of the brewing unit, but just for the single shot servings, it came out to be about $1.50 / cup. I find this to be rather outrageous for the person that wants to brew cheap coffee at home. (I can understand the benefits in an office, but not at home.)?How to Save Money on Your Water Bill With Your michael kors logo belt Toilet Just changing your toilet, or adding a component to your toilet, can make a huge difference in your water bill. It can also help you to do your part to save clean water that will have to michael kors white jet set flap coin holder be treated in a local plant. michael kors purse and watch This saves energy, keeps water bills low and puts less water into our sewers. 1. Replace your toilet with a low flow toilet. These have been improved over the years and today's models now perform better than the older style low flow toilets t tags: michael kors outlet michael kors handbags outlet online michael kors factory store