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carry a cup with me nearly everywhere I go, and have found this to be the case in many Starbucks across many states. So, if you don't already own a non disposable cup, which I believe you must, then please, by all means, go buy the sleek new one, but I don't understand the $0.25 decrease in savings? Maybe someone can comment as to how this new math is the new reality. UPDATE on Feb 17, 2013: Today, while exchanging a bag for a 20oz Dark Cafe Verona (in my own cup), I asked michael kors hamilton large tote black the Barista what the discount for coffee would be if I brought my own cup, and she said it is now only $0,10. (10 Cents). But, she stated that it various depending where you are, citing that New York City may be higher to adjust for the Cost of Living. Free Starbucks Coffee is even better than discountsSince we're talking about reducing the cost of Starbucks coffee, let's talk about getting a free cup. This weekend, I bought multiple one pound bags of Starbucks Dark coffee at Wal Mart for just under $8 / bag. My normal price is under $8, and I rotate between Wal Mart, Target, and the local grocery store, depending on who's got it on sale. If you read the side of the bag, it says: Bring Us Your michael kors bedford large Empty Bag. We'll Give micheal kors large hamilton stud tote you a Coffee. When this bag is out of coffee, exchange it for a tall brewed coffee (12 fl oz), on us. See bottom of bag for details. Bottom of Bag Details Offer good only at participating US Starbucks stores. Expires 30 days after the "Best Before" date printed on this bag tags: mk handbags michael kors purses outlet michael kors bags