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upplies you'll need. Talk by phone or in person to at least three rental truck companies, and press them for a detailed list of expenses so you don't get sticker shock when you pick up the truck and find there are lots of things you may michael kors bowling bennet want or need beyond the truck itself, such as loading ramps, dollies and straps so heavy furniture or appliances don't slide, huge pluses to make your move easier. They can give you rough estimates of the size truck you will need by the number of rooms of furniture you are moving and square footage of your current residence. If you have more to move than the average household, let them know. You may want a tow bar for your car. You'll want furniture pads and perhaps mattress bags. Also confirm mileage costs, who pays for gas (even a smaller truck can cost $150 or more to fill up at 2008 prices), and all the different kinds of insurance they offer and/or require. Ask for the average miles per gallon for the size truck you will need, and how often they service their trucks. Check with your insurance company to see what coverage golden michael kors tote they provide when you drive a rental truck before you seal the deal. Sign the contract far enough before moving day to have time to change companies if you get ambushed with new costs. Cheap packing: If you're making a local move, some stores still make boxes available for free. Spread the word you may run across someone who moved recently and has moving boxes. Some card case michael kors movers sell used boxes at a nice discount, an tags: michael kors outlet cheap bags cheap michael kors outlet michael kors factory outlet online