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ire some of their movers (they always come in teams of white michael kors studded hamilton michael kors etui macbook air at least two), but you need to be moving in a slow season and able to wait up to 7 10 business days until they have a crew free. The hourly fees are likely to be up to $100, and possibly more, for each team, but they will also include bonding. They might provide some insurance if they clearly caused damage, like a drop on the front steps, but not for any damage that may have occurred before they started unloading or that are because of faulty packing or loading. You might also hire people from a temporary labor company, but you can't predict how careful they might be with your possessions, so plan to be with them every minute to be sure they take proper care about things like taking furniture through doorways. Temp companies do try to, and often can provide people michael kors gansevoort signature tote vanilla dark brown with some moving experience. There are national temp companies like Labor Ready who have years of expertise in day labor work plus a national reputation to protect. Renting a truck: If you are considering renting a truck, it's a good idea to find out how large a truck you will need and be sure everyone who needs to drive it will be comfortable doing so. Consult a rental company, and ask them if you can at least sit in the driver's seat, and, if possible, drive the truck a bit around their grounds. Even a medium sized truck can seem enormous and unwieldy if you've never driven one. Companies may provide estimates down to how many moving pads or other s tags: cheap michael kors bags michael kors outlet louis vuitton official website usa