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down a strip of paper or cloth down onto the wax. And just as you'd quickly rip off a band aid, you then must quickly pull of that strip of wax just make sure you pull off the strip in the same direction that your hair grows (because if you don't, your hair will then grow back in odd directions). If you do this properly, your skin will suddenly be wax free and hair free. All dead skin cells and the root of all your hairs will be pulled up with the wax! Sometimes you can invest in hot wax that actually cools upon your skin and thus does not michael michael kors berkley clutch require any kind of cloth for removal. In fact, if you have especially tender skin, michael michael kors handbag, fulton large top zip satchel hot wax is a great way to go. There are subtly different waxing techniques for different areas of your body that you might want to look on, depending on where you want to wax. How long will it take before the hair grows back? You will likely have hairless, smooth skin for at least three weeks after you waxed, probably more. In fact, you may not see hair regrowth until about two months later! And unlike with shaving, the hair that does ultimately grow back will be soft, as opposed to rough and thick. If you wax frequently, you may even michael michael kors grayson medium signature patent logo chain satchel with strap, red get to a point where you never see hair regrowth again, especially if you commonly wax certain areas (like around your eyebrow). Why is waxing less of a temporary fix than shaving? When you wax, you remove hair from the root, not the surface, like with saving! This is why hair doesn't grow back as quickly an tags: michael kors handbags on sale cheap michael kors purses mk handbags