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a piece of trim at the edge.?How to Rremove Unwanted Hair There was a little known musical called Flower Drum Song that first hit the stage in 1961, but a number that came out of it remains popular to this day; it's called "I Enjoy Being a Girl." And for some girls and women, it really is enjoyable to enthusiastically embrace their femininity. But being a girl can also be a real chore. From makeup to hairdos to clothes, it can all get a little overwhelming and frustrating now and again. And probably the most boring and time consuming beauty maintenance tasks is hair removal. If you're tired of shaving your legs (and other body parts) with a razor, on a regular basis, and occasionally cutting yourself on top of that, then you might michael kors travel tote want to consider introducing yourself to the world of waxing. But before you go to the store or your local salon, here are some things to keep in mind so that you can wax the right way and get rid of that pesky hair with as little hassle as possible. If michael kors large bedford satchel you've never tried waxing before or if you've done it wrong in the past, you probably have some questions. And hopefully by reading this article, the technique will be a lot clearer. How is the hair removed? Obviously waxing involves using wax! That's certainly no mystery. But how exactly can wax remove your hair? michael kors large fulton Basically, you can wax any body part you like (your legs, eyebrows, feet, back, etc) by spreading a thin layer of wax over your skin. After you do this, you then press tags: cheap michael kors outlet cheap michael kors bags online louis vuitton official website usa