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e plastic bag first blew onto the retail scene in the late 1970s. Now it's everywhere. As Dustin Hoffman michael kors jet set coin purse was so famously told in the 1967 film The Graduate: "One word. they are oil dependent). It's in the bag I recently made the switch to canvas shopping bags. I try to keep a couple of these reusable bags in my car for impromptu shopping excursions. And if I forget to restock them, I will opt to spend the extra $1 or so to purchase a new one before using a disposable one. The bags have all sorts of uses apart from shopping. I often use one to transport my lunch to and from work. Even with my canvas bag collection, I still have a seemingly never ending stockpile of plastic bags. I have found some interesting ways to store them under my sink: Stuffed in Kleenex boxes, cardboard tubes, empty trash bag boxes and . canvas shopping bags. While many stores will recycle used grocery bags and some cities hamilton satchel michael kors have even banned plastic bags, I have been extending their life by finding creative uses for reusing my bags at home. Be michael kors bennet bags outlet sure to click on any of the links within this hub for awesome suggestions from other hubbers. In honor of Earth Day (every day), I have put together a list of a few of my favorite ways to reuse plastic grocery bags. You can try any of these at home.?How to Ride the L in Chicago Chicago elevated train (aka, the el) is one of the best ways to get around the city. Chicago Elevated Railway History Chicago Hotels Near Train Routes The City of C tags: michael kors bags cheap michael kors wallet sale red bottom shoes