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book holder. It may not be the prettiest holder ever made, but it sure gets the job done. And it simple to make, and looks like a large business sized envelope. Check out the michael kors sloan clutch python items needed below. The holes need to be 2 mm or less. Heat up the lathe. Lay the plastic bag on a flat and protected surface. Run the heated lathe over the plastic bag. Try to get the rows really close, without getting too close or overlapping. Overlapping will cause the holes to be larger. Also, be careful not to let it slide along, which would cause bigger holes. Check the size of the holes. If there are holes that are too big, then you can patch them, with plastic. Create a hand bag using a plastic bag with this video tutorial. We really have to do something with these plastic bags, it spoils nature so dramatically. So, first we have to cut the bottom of the bag. Try to leave the maximum of the bag intact. Second, cut off the handles, because they are very hard to iron. Now we have a square bag. Turn it inside michael kors bedford satchel orange out, it will not allow ink to mess the wax paper on the ironing stage. Fold it twice and add to more bags prepared like this. Now it is ready for the ironing process. Place bags between two pieces of fabric and cover with waxed paper. The iron. Let face it: Despite knowing that we should always carry around our recycled, michael kors orange reusable tote bag to the store to cut back on plastic bags, we still got a whole closet load at home. It nearly impossible to always have a reusable tote with tags: michael kors factory outlet online store michael kors bags mk factory outlet