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to the left showcases the handmade pillows that she created by reurposeing old wool garments. michael kors signature mirror metallic small wallet The first pillow is made from michael kors skorpios large shoulder bag cinnamon a combination of felting a wool sweater with a flannel backing, the second pillow is made from a non felted wool sweater with a wool suit backing and the third also comes from a felted wool sweater with a denim jacket backing. When making your own you can use any number of fabrics but if you repurpose your wool in this way, you will end up with a sturdy pillow that stands up to the many uses of a family home even with pets. What others michael kors fulton shoulder bag are readingRecycle Styrofoam: Make Your Own GlueMake Fun Crafts Using Silverware in a New WayCrocheted Hat, Sweater Booties For NewbornsHow to Make a Recycled LanternDenim Shirt Repurposing Ideas For Green ConsumersHow to Make Cloth Diaper Covers from Recycled Wool SweatersMaking Crafts from Recycled MaterialsHow to Use Recycled Items to Make Musical Instruments for ChildrenMake Your Own Halloween Costume From Recycled MaterialsHow to Reuse Plastic Pop Bottles with Crafts.?How to Repurpose your plastic bags into fun holiday crafts Plastic shopping bags are on the verge of extinction with states threatening plastic bag bans. California has already approved a ban, taking effect in 2012, and other states are proposing the same ban, including Oregon. Which is all the more reason to recycle those plastic bags, and if you can do that, you can at least make great use of them for yourself like with this homemade check tags: michael kors handbags mk outlet factory cheap michael kors bags outlet