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will be. This is a great conversation starter as you will all be amazed at what some people know and don't know about the bride to be! What michael kors fulton large shoulder bag - black Would Your Mate Say? This is a good game for couples showers, which are growing in popularity. One person from each couple leaves the room while the other michael kors mocha ostrich wallet is questioned on some subjects, often risqu. The one in the room is supposed to answer the question the same way they believe their other half would respond. Then when the spouse/mate returns to the room, they answer the same questions. The couple with the most points wins the prize! This is definitely one of the most fun bridal shower games for a couples shower. Purse Power. Have each guest hold their purse in front of them, or switch purses around for a twist! This game can be played hamilton michael by michael kors, spring 13 hamilton individually or on teams. Have a list beforehand of things that can be found in a woman's purse. Include points for each item, with the most common items having lower points. Assign higher points for uncommon articles, such as tea bags or condoms! The person with the most points wins. Wedding Necessities. Develop a list of wedding necessities such as champagne bottles, candles, corsages, bouquets and so on. Split the party into teams and provide each team with 2 3 small sized containers of Play Doh. Give each team a wedding item to shape from Play Doh, allowing only 1 2 minutes for sculpting their masterpiece. You will end up with a wide array of very colorful, silly looking objects! The bride p tags: mk bags michael kors outlet cheap michael kors outlet