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, pressing it carefully to avoid the air holes, without compacting it too much. If the soil is argillaceous and very compacted, add some animal garbage for a better draining and oxygen flow. Add water on every layer. 7 After you planted the michael kors bedford bowling satchel mocha ostrich soil back, make a small temporary dam around the tree, to keep the water, then water abundantly. 8 Make a small protective layer of leaves and tree bark around the tree, less in the trunk zone, this layer will slow down the water evaporation and the growing of weeds around it. 9 Depending on the size and state of the tree, you can use supporting poles until the tree will fix its roots. Be careful to remove the poles afterwards so they will not mess with the trunk michael kors logo belts once it's grown! 10 In the first year after planting, water the tree regularly, weekly or even more often in the very hot and dry periods.?How to Plant and Grow Corn Choosing the type of corn can help in planting and growing. There are many types of corn including sweet, Indian and even popcorn. Sweet corn is the most commonly grown in the home garden. It is different from the field corn that farmers grow in the fields. It is usually harvested when it still has soft kernels. It is usually eaten on the cob, canned or frozen for later use. Sweet corn comes in white, yellow or michael kors, charm tassel a mixture of both colors. Field corn is mainly grown as livestock feed and for food manufacturing products such as high fructose corn syrup. Indian corn or flint corn has a hard outer shell and h tags: michael kors online mk purses outlet cheap michael kors bags