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scaping into the air. CandlesCandles, scented or not, can help freshen the air and add a feeling of home and hearth. If you have small children in the house, be sure to place them high above their reach. Use the scent chart to the right to choose a scent that you like buy michael kors pink iphone clutch and may correlate to the environment you want to create. Never ever leave candles unattended to. If you leave the home, blow them out and re light them later. Going to Pot Pourri The ancient method to room freshening was a combination of flower and wood shavings called potpourri. It was invented by the French centuries ago. Fragrant Blossoms and Other Finds Naturally scented plants and flowers used in potpourri include allspice, cedar, cinnamon, cloves; cypress, lavender, jasmine, fennel (used in licorice candy); juniper, lemon, mint; orange, pinyon, rose, and rosemary. Fruits, flowers, leaves wood bark, seeds and herbs are all used. hamilton satchel michael kors This is not michael kors fulton satchel tan an inclusive list over 300 possible variants may be used in producing potpourri. In days of old, flowers and other scented materials were gathered in the spring and summer months and left outside to dry. When the plants became limp, they were covered with a layer of coarse sea salt. Another layer of dried scented material was added, and the process was repeated. The flowers and leaves would ferment, becoming grey, and then a wonderful scent would be produced. To prevent the scent from escaping too soon, a fixative, usually orris root, was used. tags: red bottom shoes for women cheap michael kors outlet michael kors outlet store online