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fectively remove grease and oil stains from your leathered items. Identify the type of leather. There are two types of leather, pure and semi aniline. It is important to identify michael kors shoulder bag black the type of leather used in a stained item for you to know what stain removal methods will be effective. Pure aniline leather has no integrated coating that protects it from stains. This type of leather is normally unfinished and used to make work gloves, boots, and saddles. Semi aniline leather is finished leather with a protective coating that keeps it safe from stains of almost any kind. It is used to make coats, wallets, bags, and belts. Furthermore, if semi aniline leather is stained, it is much easier to remove the stain than pure aniline leather. For this process, let us assume that the leather item you stained is made of semi aniline leather. Blot the leather. When drops of oil or grease micheal kors belts spills and stains your beloved leather item, the first thing to do to remove the stain is michael kors python clutch online to quickly get a clean cloth or rag and gently blot it on the area of the stain. The cloth will absorb the grease or oil away from the leather. The objective is to lift the stain using the cloth. Do not, in any way, wipe the stain off as this will make the stain spread. Wiping it will make your stain area larger and harder to remove. Powder it. As soon as you have seen that you have blotted the stain enough with the cloth, get some talcum powder and apply a generous amount on the whole area of the stain. Make su tags: cheap michael kors outlet michael kors purses michael kors purse sale