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turbed, to create a stable support for the tree. C: Make a soil pyramid in the center of the hole. 2 With a fork or another sharp utensil, pierce the walls and the bottom of the hole, they will help the roots penetrate the soil, and the surplus of water to scatter. Preparing the tree 3. A: Carefully pull out the tree from the pot so as not to break its roots or shed the soil around them B: Open the bag in the superior zone. C: A tree with dry roots can't absorb the water. Leave the tree in a bucket of water for a few hours. 4 A B: If the tree stood in a very small container and the roots grew circularly, separate them carefully, cutting down the ones that are too long. Circular michael kors 2 tone chronograph watch roots risk strangulating the future development of the root system and of the tree itself. C: Examine the roots, eliminating the broken or deteriorated ones, saving as much as possible from them. Finally, the planting 5: A B: Put the tree in the middle of the hole, don't grab it from the trunk, but by the soil which surrounds the root. Be careful to place the trunk base 1 2 centimeters above soil level! It's a mistake to plant the tree too deep in, because then there wouldn't be enough oxygen micheal kors large hamilton stud tote for the roots. B: In case the material in which the roots are wrapped in is biodegradable, it can be left in the hole, otherwise it has to be removed. C: Put the tree on the soil macbook air 11 michael kors pyramid presented on step C. 6 Start by putting the soil back into the hole, in successive layers tags: michael kors cheap michael kors outlet cheap michael kors bags outlet