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ice cubes by placing them in a cotton cloth and applying it to the eyes. The skin under the eyes is sensitive to the harsh rays of pink michael kors iphone wristlet for iphone 4s the sun. Make sure that you have sunglasses on before stepping out of michael kors large straw tote the house. In addition to these home remedies to remove dark circles under eyes, supplementing your diet with vitamins, and reducing the alcohol as well as smoking are effective ways of keeping the eye bags in control. If you want to opt for under eye creams then look for those with ingredients like vitamin C or K, alpha hydroxy acid and kinetin. Some under eye concealers also help in hiding the dark circles and leaving you looking rejuvenated and fresh.?How to remove dark circles under the eyes Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face. Dark circles can mar the beauty of your eyes and make you look tired, fatigued and drained. What are the top reasons for dark circles? Lack of nutritionCan dark circles be removed immediately? The sad thing is that it takes a long regimen of daily care to show some results. You should apply creams specially made for dark circles and always look for creams based on vitamin K. The skin around your eyes is thin and tender and you should be not rub or pull it roughly while wiping your face. You should moisturize your eyes regularly. The skin michael michael kors hamilton large tote navy around your eyes can become completely dry and a good moisturizer is important to keep it nourished and moisturized. How should you apply the moisturizer? Take some moisturizer in tags: cheap michael kors bags michael kors factory outlet online shopping michael kors wallet sale