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f the eye, then use a black eyeliner in the bottom waterline. Next, paint a foundation to the.?How To Remove Dark Circles And Wrinkles Under Eyes Without Surgery Having beautiful eyes and flawless skin has long been the desire to millions of ladies and men worldwide. However, an eye bag or dark circles around the eyes can somehow decrease the beauty of the eye. Many feel devastated every time they look into the mirror and see the ugly circles around their eye. Given that eye bags could make one look twenty or thirty years older. Fortunately, there are ways concerning how to eliminate eye bags naturally even without going under the knife. If you want to look good and feel good and you want to get rid of those ugly circles in the michael michael kors handbag, jet set large tote areas around your eyes, here are a few tips. Know What Causes The Appearance Of Eye Bags Knowing the several causes of dark eye circles surrounding the eyes might help you determine the best solution to your problem. According to mk hamilton large black research, eye bags are caused by several factors. Probably the most common culprits in the development of dark circles is fluid retention. Body fluids can settle overnight within the skin around your eyes. Salts can contribute to fluid retention. If you drank too many fluids or ate too much salty foods, tend not to be shocked if you end up with dark circles around the eyes the next morning. Normally, the swelling will subside after a couple of hours and the fluids are re michael kors elts absorbed by the body. Other possible causes for tags: michael kors bags cheap michael kors online sale michael kors outlet online store