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purified (or not) and head out knowing that you an environmentally conscious individual. Inflate your Tires. Every gas station has an air pump that allows you to inflate your tires for free, or maybe $0.25. Get out your PSI gauge and check your tire pressure every few months. The inside of the driver side door (on most cars) will give you a range for your tire pressure. If you low, add some air the next time you stop for gas. This simple task can help you reduce your fuel economy by as much as 3.3% (and save 250 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year). Keep your Flow Low by Getting a New Shower Head. This one always makes the list. Get a low flow shower head. It does require a little work, but a trip to Home Depot and a few minutes with your arms in the air should do the trick. Not only will this save an average of 370 pounds of CO2 a year, but it probably save you a few bucks on your water bill as well. You don even have to leave your computer to get a shower head. I just bought it today, so I have to michael kors elts get back to you michael kors hamilton large on how easy it is to install and how well it operates. Update: The shower head is really easy to install, it didn require any tools and michael kors vanilla jet set took less than 5 minutes. The water flow is fine and my old shower head was leaking, so it actually an improvement. I very happy with it. If you love your shower head, or don want to take the time to change it, you can still make a difference by taking shorter showers. If you can reduce your time in t tags: michael kors bags cheap cheap michael kors red bottom shoes for women