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Simple Changes you can make to Reduce your Daily Carbon Emissions: Unplug your Electronics. Get a power strip and plug your computer, TV, DVD player, stereo, VCR, PS2 and other electronic devices into it. Then, when you not using those machines, flip the switch off. Completely shutting these devices off will conserve approximately 500 pounds of CO2 a year. You can also save energy by unplugging your cell phone and mp3 player once they completely charged (don leave them plugged in overnight if you can help it). Note: If you have a DVR or TiVo, keep that plugged in so your shows will still record. Your TV doesn have to be plugged in for your DVR to record all your favorite shows! Be Smart About Laundry. Wash your clothes in cold water. Only wash michael kors gia large slouchy tote plum and dry full loads (yes, there are some people that don let their laundry pile up until they totally out of clean underwear). And make sure to clean the dryer lint out after every load. This will save about 500 pounds of CO2 from entering our environment each year. Turn Off the Faucet. If you grew up in the desert like I did, then you know that one of the worst offenses you can commit spring michael kors shoulder bags (especially during a drought) is allowing the water to run while you brushing your teeth or shaving. What the point? It michael kors jet set python tore pretty easy to wet your toothbrush, turn the faucet off, then turn it back on when you ready to rinse. It takes a lot of energy for municipalities to purify and distribute water. Why let that run down the drain? On a si tags: mk purses outlet michael kors purses mk purses outlet