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y, in a secure location that can be accessed during a structure fire or other emergency in which you remain in the immediate vicinity outside of the building. This bag should include enough slipper socks or tube socks for every child should you need to evacuate without stopping for michael kors jet set logo-print signature tote shoes bottled water, michael kors jet set medium tote black patent python snacks like granola bars and fish crackers that can be stored long term, a first aid kit and a copy of all the blue cards with emergency contacts for each child. Store this emergency bag or storage tote away from the daycare building in an unattached garage, barn, neighbor's garage, etc. Because you won't be carrying it, you can include much larger items, such as a couple of blankets or sleeping bags for keeping children warm until emergency personnel and parents arrive. Replace the water and snacks every few months to ensure freshness. It is the bag that you grab when you must evacuate the area as quickly as possible due to a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, flood, terrorist attack or brush fire. It should include more cash than your outing bag, and face masks, especially if you live in a large city that might be a target of a terrorist attack. Depending on where you live, you might also add subway tokens or bus passes. Pack a first aid kit, michael kors vanilla jet set a large blanket, some pre packaged rain ponchos or large trash bags for rain gear, a radio, flashlights, extra batteries, toilet paper and diapers, hand sanitizer and wipes. Don't forget a few small books, puzzles and games so tags: cheap michael kors bags mk factory outlet michael kors purses