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e eyes and wrinkles under eyes. So, stop smoking and other unhealthy habits to improve these skin signs. Also, avoid ingesting things that draw out moisture from the skin, thereby causing a pale and dry look. Those who take diuretics, caffeinated drinks and alcohol should refrain from these habits to reduce under eye wrinkles. In addition, exposure to the harsh sunrays causes damage to skin cells, and brings about changes in the original skin tone michael kors saffiano medium carryall and texture. So, prior to stepping out in the sun, apply cream and lotion with recommended sun protection factor (SPF). Also, wearing sunglasses is an easy way to protect sensitive skin under the eyes, and avoid squinting. The best way to get rid of wrinkles under eyes, is to fight them at the earliest. Go for natural skin care and help replenish the lost collagen fibers. This will in turn restore normal, youthful skin. Follow these simple tips, and most likely under eye wrinkles will fade away. Never make the mistake of michael kors metallic jet set gold grayson monogram tote putting heavy makeup to cover winkles under eyes. This usually has the opposite effect, and makes the skin creases appear more distinct. As many of the cosmetic products contain harsh chemicals, they will take a toll on your facial skin, particularly in those sensitive areas. So, a light makeup is the best to hide under eye wrinkles, and make the skin look natural.?How To Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles Under eye wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging as well michael kors ostrich bag as one of the most frustrating. Eye wrinkles are tags: michael kors bags cheap michael kors purse sale christian louboutin outlet store