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st, you must determine if your snoring is Primary or Obstructive. Primary snoring simply that noisy breathing while you sleep without apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Left unattended, sleep apnea (which is the cessation of respiration for 10 seconds or more) can result in strokes and heart attacks. Basically, all snoring is caused by a blockage of air in the nasal passages. This creates vibrations which result in the sound of snoring. These blockages can be induced by inflammation and swelling, excessive tissue, your tongue falling back in your throat, sleep position, and your jaw dropping back. Sometimes, just changing your sleep position can cease snoring. Some are herbal based with nut oils. The premise is to tighten throat muscles and reduce swelling in nasal passages. Some of the products promise to moisten the airways. Check the contents on the labels to determine if the product is right for you. michael michael kors saffiano medium carryall, luggage If you are unsure michael kors clutch in pink of the ingredients, ask your pharmacist. Long term use of sprays can be addictive and depending on the ingredients, may be harmful to your health. If you are a back sleeper and cannot sleep in any other position, you need to hyper extend your throat by elevating your head or placing a small pillow under your neck. There are many pillows on the market that are specially designed for this purpose. A pillow placed at your back will keep michael kors black python ipad case you off your back and on your side which is a good anti snoring sleep tags: official louis vuitton website christian louboutin outlet online cheap michael kors purses