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, beautiful flower waters. I found in my twenty years experience in the beauty industry that these, you know, nature's skin foods are, indeed, the most effective effective skin foods for my clients, and for myself. I'm forty one years old, and I'm proud to say that I just have, you know, very healthy vibrant skin because I put foods on them constantly. Ok, so with that said, moving forward, I'm going to show you a very simple solution for combating puffy eyes. So, what I have here is a bowl of michael michael kors large hamilton tote vanilla ice. I do have a black teabag sitting here, because we do want some of the caffeine from the black tea, so I'm just getting this black teabag really, really, really cold. And I have some water, and we can also do we're just going to get this really cold but I can also put this little guy michael kors hamilton black patent leather large tote bag handbag in here, and we can make a little solution with our black tea. Most importantly right now is us dealing with our ice. So, what we're going to do is we're going to make some compresses with our little rounds of cotton. So, I'm just going to have two for each eye. And I'm just going to take this little bowl, and I'm going to pour a little of this water in just a little. And now, when this starts to steep when you're at home and you can make a little solution, you can take out this teabag and you can squeeze all of that yummy tannins and black tea out from the teabag. Because the caffeine in the black tea will also help to tighten the eyes. But what we want, you know, in this presentation michael michael kors stanthorpe medium convertible shoulder bag for you is really tags: louis vuitton website michael kors factory outlet michael kors factory outlet store