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en she washed off the smelly red paste we michael kors jet set travel tote tangerine simply couldn believe the difference. I wish I had taken pictures, it was?How to Reduce Eye Puffiness Non Eye puffiness is something that most people have experienced in michael kors jet set medium tote pale gold their lives. It can be caused by a variety of things. Among the most common are stress, a lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, allergies and a long cry. Many folks place cool cucumber slices or tea bags onto their eyes to combat the swelling. I tend to prefer using one of the following methods instead: Gel Mask One of my favorite ways to reduce inflammation around the eyes is with a gel mask. Granted, wearing one may make you look like a female Musketeer but it is effective. I typically store my gel mask in the refrigerator. I have, however, put it into the freezer michael kors tote for use on those days when I am looking like something found at the bottom of someone's shoes. You can generally purchase a gel mask for $5 to $10 depending on the retailer. Dandelion Root Tea Based on my experience, drinking a few cups of dandelion root tea can go a long way in reducing eye puffiness that is caused by water retention. I like drinking the dandelion tea better than I do taking diuretics because it is natural and tastes good too. You just brew it like you would any other cup of tea. A box of dandelion tea bags will tend to cost you $5. After you drink the tea, you may want to put the used tea bags into the refrigerator for a few minutes. Once the bags get cold, take th tags: michael kors bags outlet christian louboutin outlet michael kors factory outlet online store